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Our Motto

In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania State Grange supports the local Granges to help members grow as individuals, unify their communities and create opportunity through legislation and community service.

About Us

What Is the Grange?

The Grange (Patrons of Husbandry) is a fraternal family organization dedicated

to the betterment of the American way of life through community service, education,

legislation and fellowship. The Grange includes members of all ages and specifically

has programs for Juniors (ages 5-14), Youth (ages 14-23) and Young Adults (ages 23-35).

The Grange represents approximately 9,000 Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth.

It is the oldest agricultural and rural advocacy organization of its kind in the United States.

The National Grange representing about 200,000 members, began in 1867 and the PA State

Grange was chartered in 1873.

Your State Grange Office Staff

Master/President - Carl Meiss,

Public Relations/Membership Director - Bryan Marchefsky,

Office Manager/Cookbooks - Sandy Herman,

PA State Grange Officers

Master/President - Carl Meiss,
Overseer/Vice President - Richard Mangel,
Lecturer - Lorena Baughman,
Steward - Leonard Heim,
Asst Steward - Andrew Kieffer,
Lady Asst Steward - Miranda Irons,          
Chaplain - Jenn Nauss,
Treasurer - Henry Seidel,
Secretary - Debbie Campbell,
Gatekeeper - Martha Ebersole,
Ceres - Jennifer Adams,
Pomona - Ashley Furman 353 Mill Road,
Flora - Jodi Keith,
Executive Committee - Nettie Kauffman,
                                   Robert Bair,
                                   JV Lamb,

                                   Wayne Oakley,

PA State Grange Directory

Every other year the State Grange publishes a directory of State Officers, Committees, Pomona and Subordinate Grange contact information. Download the 2012-14 Directory.