Guide to Contests & Programs

Click Here to download the 2013-14 Guide to Contests and Programs. It is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.

Grange Departments

Deaf & Community Services

The Deaf & Community Services Department is focused on supporting the community service efforts of the local

Granges. They coordinate a state-wide community service project each year and continually looks for ways to improve

our communities by sharing ideas, knowledge and funds with local Granges. The Grange maintains a strong relationship

 with the deaf and hard of hearing community and sponsors programs that promote and support this community.



Family Activities

The Family Activities Department is designed to help Granges set up special events,

 activities and contests to get people involved with their Granges and the local community.

They also coordinate a series of statewide contests for all members of the family.



History & Archives

As the first frateral farm organizations, preserving our history is very important. This committee

is focused on just that, not only at the state level, but also assisting local Granges in preserving

their history through the PA State Archives.



The Junior Grange is designed to provide a place where kids, age 5-14 years old, can learn

leadership skills, build character, and increase self confidence while gaining respect for God,

country and family. Junior Grange programs provide involvement in the local community Grange,

and at the county, state and national levels. The Junior Grange is an active and growing part of

not only today’s Grange but tomorrow’s Grange.



The Lecturer's Department supports community Grange Lecturers in planning and presenting programs that are

informative, exciting, fun, and entertaining. They also sponsor numerous contests for Grange members to show

off their talents in various categories.




Youth & Young Adults

The Youth Department sponsors activities for Grange youth age 14 to 22 years old. Their goal is

to develop the next generation of Grange leaders and at the same time provide youth members

with the skills they need to be successful in life. They also support the activities of the Junior Grange

and work to develop continuity for 14 and 15 year olds entering the Subordinate Grange.